Map Of Our Worksites

Our worksites are all located in Kham (Western Sichuan, Ganzi Prefecture):

  • Tibetan Nomadic Herding Areas Lhagang (Tagong) & Zachika (Shiqu)
  • Tibetan Mixed Herding & Farming Areas Dranggu (Luhuo) & Garze (Ganzi)
  • Edge Tibetan Mixed Herding & Farming Areas Gyarong (Jintang & Danba) & Jiga (South Daocheng County)

The region in which we work is bordered to the west by the region of Kham that is part of the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR), to the north by Amdo (Qinghai province), to the south by the diverse ethnic areas of Yunnan province, and to the east by Han Chinese Sichuan province. While this region lies geographically in west-central China, it is generally considered as the far west.