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Definitely Nomadic was founded in 2004 out of a great love for nomads and nomadic culture.  Through the years, we have added on projects: Chyoger Treks, the Khampa Cafe in Tagong (2010-2014), the Khampa Nomad Arts Cooperative, and the Khampa Nomad Ecolodge.  We sold Khampa Cafe after 2014 and moved full-time to the Ecolodge, where we continue to support traditional arts and nomad-run trekking.  And we have the only sauna in Kham!

Angela speaks English, Tibetan and Chinese and is a master at making travel arrangements which all worked perfectly. As someone who has spent some 55 years traveling and largely in remote areas I can honestly say the travel experience, personal attention and follow through on travel arrangements and related service provided by Angela at the EcoLodge in my opinion are the pinnacle of my experience … n’est plus ultra! If you are attracted to such travel experiences your wishes and plans will be more than fully met here.

Rick and Chris

N’est plus ultra

The Ecolodge is 10km outside of the town, and it’s worth the distance. The place is only partially finished, but it’s warmer than any building I’ve been in in China so far due to the care with which Angela, her family, and volunteers built it. The food is delicious and healthy, the type of people who end up at a place like this are friendly and interesting, and the scenery out every window is unspeakably beautiful.

— Surucane,
Oct 2016

Amazing place, people, and view

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Translations and Aid

In the past few days, I have received two requests to translate or compose request letters to a Swiss group (whom I know very little about) from Tibetan students who are being supported by them.  I’ve done this before — even for the daughter of our Ecolodge manager!   The letters are composed in Chinese, … Continue reading Translations and Aid

What are the happenings around the pasturelands and the Ecolodge this spring? The electricity has been off locally for 10 days; it was cut by the government because of power-stealing by nomads.  Whenever the power is cut, we get a lot of visitors, mostly young men, charging their phones.  It is a pleasure to see … Continue reading

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