Currently, we work with several artisans and groups of artisans.

Gala Village Group:  Made up of 4 women and 3 men from Gala Village, Jiga District, in South Daocheng County.  The women do spinning, weaving and sewing of yak hair and goat hair blankets.  Two men make wooden bowls and tsampa containers.   One man does old-style tanning for pack saddle bags.

Tsering DorjeTsering Dorje: Tsering Dorje was part of the original group of Shamalong artisans with whom we worked in 2005.  He is part of a line of nomadic felt makers, who have made felted rain capes and saddle pads for the nomads of Lhagang for 3 generations.

Tsering Dorje’s Wife: Tsering Dorje’s wife spins yak hair for thread and rope, and weaves straps for bags and yak bells.

Djarga Mira:  Djarga is part of Genong Clan.  He makes yak saddle pads (yak hair), finishes ropes with tassels and strengthening stitches, and designs and makes saddle bags and satchels.  He is also an expert at making wooden loops sometimes used as nose rings for yaks.