Dranngu farmlandDranggu, also known as the Hor States, is an area of Kham along the Northern Tibet Highway.  It is a mixed farming/herding area, lower than other parts of Kham.  The people of Dranggu make nambe cloth, which is a kind of fine-spun soft yak hair or wool cloth for clothing.  They also are good tailors, and there is a small modern leather processing plant here.  Much of our leather comes from this plant.

The Chinese have had a garrison here since the 1920’s.  The Chinese and Tibetans live here in relative harmony, born of long co-habitation.  It is one of the few places in Kham where there is old Chinese architecture, as in the lowland countryside.

Woman churning butterIn Dranggu, we work primarily with one farming family, who makes meditation cushion covers.  We also buy nambe from several nomad families, and it is made by retired nomads, living in built government housing.

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left: Yongtso making butter (the family keeps 6 yaks) for subsistence use