Khampa Nomad Ecolodge

Khampa Nomad Ecolodge is a family-run cultural immersion lodge located in Drokpa cold-season pasture in the Lhagang grasslands of Kham, Eastern Tibet.  We are fully self-sufficient, with our own mountain spring for pure water, 100% self-producing renewable power, and a biogas-producing ecological septic system. We focus on locally-raised yak meat and dairy, wild plants, local traditional nature-based arts and arts workshops, and sharing the things we love about our home: the fun-loving, close-to-the-wild, warm and affectionate nature of Tibet. Sharing these things is how we honor and support them.

In order to provide a real refreshing break from busy, yet strangely isolated, city lives, we have a few unusual aspects to our lodge:

First, we hope you will full-heartedly join us for meals; we do not allow instant or take-out food; we put great emphasis on the quality of our food and eating environment, and hope that everyone will participate, so everyone can fully enjoy.  We don’t mind at all if you choose to eat elsewhere, but want to keep our mealtimes special.

Second, we invite everyone to contribute to the lodge and the local community.  This is so helpful in making you more a part of this place! We ask each guest to spend at least 1 hour during their stay doing projects to help out the lodge or the local nomads: trash pick-up, weeding the garden, collecting dung, chopping firewood, helping nomads at their huts as needed, etc.  We will be happy to help you figure out what you can do!