Khampa Nomad Ecolodge and Arts Center

Lived experience matters. 

Khampa Nomad Ecolodge is part of a new realization: luxury that is only about comfortable 5-star chains is not real luxury.  True and full luxury comes with an openness of mind that allows one to see beauty in small things, to taste the goodness of real food, to feel the kindness of people around you, to live with items made by human hands: to feel the connection that the modern world has made harder and harder to feel.

We are a full-service, family-run lodge located in Drokpa cold-season pasture in the Lhagang grasslands of Kham, Eastern Tibet.  We are fully self-sufficient, with our own mountain spring for pure water, 100% self-producing renewable power, and a biogas-producing ecological septic system. We focus on locally-raised yak meat and dairy, wild plants, local traditional nature-based arts and arts openings, and sharing the things we love about our home: the timeless, fun-loving, and warm, affectionate nature of Tibet. Sharing these things is how we honor and support them.

We believe travel at its best is an experience beyond simple diversion.  We believe it can be meaningful, even transformative, for both visitors and the visited.  We host with this goal in mind: to share with the world the beauty we see in this place every day.