Arts Cooperative

Khampa Nomad Arts Cooperative has been focusing on traditional, nature-based, nomad-made arts since 2005, when a group of nomads came to Angela and asked her to sell their yak hair bags in America.  Since then, the project has been through various markets (from the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market to the National Western Stock Show in Denver to a local shop at the Khampa Cafe in Tagong to meditation cushions sold at the Rubin Museum in New York) and iterations (from a wide variety of all items handmade in Kham to a smaller list of items, largely focusing on yak tack).  All in all, our goals have remained steady: to support nomadic artisans in their most traditional arts, and to offer to the world a living history of these arts, arts made with yak hair, wool, hand-processed leather, wood, and clay.