Tibetan Workshops

yak packing

Nomad Life Workshop: This 3 day workshop focuses on such basic skills as yak herding, milking, butter and yogurt making, dung collection, fire making, rope-spinning, and braiding. Y950.  Overnight stays in tents and transport to summer camps are additional.  No additional transport from the lodge needed in fall, winter, and springtime.

Pengtso and Baby

Traditional Tibetan Painting Workshop: Tibetan houses, like the Ecolodge, are painted inside with a certain style of colorful painting, usually with animals, gods, symbols, or plants.  We offer a 5-day painting workshop with this and more, with Tashi Repten, a local painter.  Spend the first 2 days learning drawing, and then 3 days learning painting.  4 hours per day.  A few steps from the Ecolodge. Y1200 double, Y1600 single

Tibetan Jewelry Workshop: Taught by Zanta, an accomplished Tibetan jewelry designer and maker.  Her designs are based on cultural traditions and stories.  In this way, you’ll learn jewelry-making skills like knotting and beading, as well as stories and how to weave them into physical metaphors in your own culture too.  4 hours per day for 5 days.  Y1400 double/Y1600 single.  At the Ecolodge.

Nomad Arts Workshop: This workshop focuses more deeply on nomadic arts including felt-making, yak hair carding and spinning, leather tanning, saddle pad making with embroidering, rope making, and wooden loop making. 5 days, Y1500 double, Y1800 single

Leather-working Workshop: This 2-day workshop focuses on leather tooling and bag and belt making. Also includes traditional Tibetan natural leather working if a third day is added. Y800 double/Y900 single

Yak Husbandry Workshop: This is a 5-day workshop for people already raising yaks and dealing with yaks, or planning to get involved with yaks. Participants stay in nomadic camps with herders, and study yak herding; shearing; milking; calf taming; pack training, yogurt, cheese and butter making; castration; dung collection and drying; and rope making.  Y2600 for 5 days, including 3 meals today and tent lodging.  2 person minimum.  Transport to camps not included and depends on the time of year, or if this workshop is part of a larger trek.

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