Volunteering with Us

We offer inexpensive stays to people willing to work at least 2 hours per day. In addition to a significant discount on lodging, we offer credit for every hour worked. An 8-hour-work day earns free dorm bed and 3 meals.

Welcome backpackers — we’ve missed you during the COVID years!

Please check for availability before coming as space is limited.

We are serious about our efforts as a true, self-sufficient Ecolodge, and providing community support through our presence here, and we want to help travellers engage witth with and contribute to the community here.  

Completed and On-going Ecolodge and Community-Support Projects

  • Passive solar heated lodge, insulated to Alaska standards.
  • Window sealing
  • Spring water system, year-round running water
  • Artisan support by using traditional stone building, wood-paneling, door making, furniture making, and traditional symbolic painting; also through sales of traditional products through our Khampa Nomad Arts Cooperative.
  • Biogas tanks installed, but not working (see below)
  • Solar voltaic electric system (2 systems throughout the lodge for back-up power)
  • Wind-power installation
  • Heating from dung
  • Sustainably-built sauna, which allows bathing when power is not sufficient to heat water
  • Garden for salad, herbs, and potatoes
  • River and Roadside recyclable clean-up, done by children
  • On-going, low-key Environmental Education for nomads
  • On-going, low-key Hygiene and Sanitation education for nomads
  • On-going medical help for nomads, as requested
  • Support for similar eco-friendly building projects around the area (for example, meditation huts)
  • Cold frames for outdoor garden
  • Hanging bridge to ease crossing (cold in winter, dangerous in summer)
  • Cheese cave to age cheese for winter use

Planned Projects and Improvements:

  • Wood-heated hot tub
  • Seeding biogas tanks with phychrophilic (cold-loving bacteria)
  • Chickens for eggs
  • Second greenhouse warmth and insulation

We welcome donations for the following projects:

— please write to angela@definitelynomadic.com if interested

  • Further solar power (particularly to allow for heaters in wintertime)
  • Hanging bridge*
  • Trash clean-up projects in nomad areas and at sacred natural spots (these also act as low-key environmental education

*no longer active, donation sufficient (thank you!)


We welcome volunteer help with the following projects:

— please write to angela@definitelynomadic.com if interested.  We provide either partial or full room and board.

  • Hot-tub building
  • Gardening
  • Daily operations (cooking and cleaning and hosting)
  • Website improvement and design
  • Photography (requires portfolio)
  • Gathering cold-loving bacterial in high altitude swamps
  • Mapping and making points for hiking trails for further travelers
  • Yoga and Mindfulness Teaching, other skills (requires advance planning)

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