Projects and Volunteers

Spring 2023 Opportunity : We need someone to help with our new addition for workers and volunteers – painting, electricity, water!  Thank you!

We are serious about our efforts as a true, self-sufficient Ecolodge, and providing community support through our presence here.  We believe in regenerative travel, and we appreciate your involvement here!

We also welcome volunteers for help with projects, as listed below.

Completed and On-going Ecolodge and Community-Support Projects

  • Passive solar heated lodge, insulated to Alaska standards.
  • Window sealing
  • Spring water system, year-round running water
  • Artisan support by using traditional stone building, wood-paneling, door making, furniture making, and traditional symbolic painting; also through sales of traditional products through our Khampa Nomad Arts Cooperative.
  • Biogas tanks installed, but not working (see below)
  • Solar voltaic electric system (2 systems throughout the lodge for back-up power)
  • Wind-power installation
  • Heating from dung
  • Sustainably-built sauna, which allows bathing when power is not sufficient to heat water
  • Garden for salad, herbs, and potatoes
  • River and Roadside recyclable clean-up, done by children
  • On-going, low-key Environmental Education for nomads
  • On-going, low-key Hygiene and Sanitation education for nomads
  • On-going medical help for nomads, as requested
  • Support for similar eco-friendly building projects around the area (for example, meditation huts)
  • Cold frames for outdoor garden
  • Hanging bridge to ease crossing (cold in winter, dangerous in summer)
  • Cheese cave to age cheese for winter use

Planned Projects and Improvements:

  • Wood-heated hot tub
  • Seeding biogas tanks with phychrophilic (cold-loving bacteria)
  • Chickens for eggs
  • Second greenhouse warmth and insulation

We welcome donations for the following projects:

— please write to if interested

  • Further solar power (particularly to allow for heaters in wintertime)
  • Hanging bridge*
  • Trash clean-up projects in nomad areas and at sacred natural spots (these also act as low-key environmental education

*no longer active, donation sufficient (thank you!)


We welcome volunteer help with the following projects:

— please write to if interested.  We provide either partial or full room and board.

  • Hot-tub building
  • Gardening
  • Daily operations (cooking and cleaning and hosting)
  • Website improvement and design
  • Photography (requires portfolio)
  • Gathering cold-loving bacterial in high altitude swamps
  • Mapping and making points for hiking trails for further travelers
  • Yoga and Mindfulness Teaching, other skills (requires advance planning)

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