Breakfast (Included with stay or 55 yuan):

  • Homemade museli with goji berries, made with yak butter and local honey
  • Yak yogurt
  • Mixed in-season fruits from Danba, Kangding, and the Dadu River valley
  • Crepes or pancakes with homemade jam, maple syrup, Nutella, and more
  • Rice or corn porridge
  • Garden vegetables
  • Tomatoes fried with cornmeal coating 
  • Home-smoked ham or homemade sausage
  • Eggs fried, soft-boiled, scrambled with cheese, or omelette with vegetables
  • Homemade whole wheat bread (local wheat)
  • Rice Porridge and pickles
  • Coffee
  • Tibetan tea or other imported or Chinese teas and infusions
  • Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice

Lunch (included with full or simple board):

  • Packed lunch (Sandwich on our own bread, with our own yak cheese, homegrown greens and tomatoes, plus onion and mustard; meat optional); dried fruits and nut, fresh fruit, and a thermos of tea.  
  • Sino-Tibetan Lunch (Seasonal vegetables and yak meat dishes served with rice, white or brown) 
  • Other a la carte choices (See menu for options)
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Example Dinner Set Meals:

  • Tibetan Set Meal: A large meal with Tibetan Willow Cheese Fondue with homemade whole wheat bread; a selection of momos (yak meat, potato, yak cheese, vegetable and sweet butter); wild green salad; and yak meat soup.  
  • Indian Set Meal: Your choice of yak or vegetable curry; cucumber raita, dahl, and brown or white rice.  Choice of pickles and chutneys. Cookies for dessert.
  • Western Set Meal: Your choice of yak tenderloin steak or Irish yak stew; homegrown salad; and mashed potatoes.  Pie or cobbler for dessert.
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