Food Bags

Barley Storage BagsZACHIKA BARLEY STORAGE BAGS: natural undyed leather with hand-dyed red & black detail

LHAGANG TSAMPA & CHIRRA* BAGS: (below) Yak-butter-cured goat hide is used to make these matching bags which act as short-trip picnic sacs.   Tied together, they can be thrown over the shoulder, and carry two or three days sustenance.  Modern uses include using a single bag as a fashionable purse, with a long leather strap added. *Tsampa is roasted barley flour, the staple food of nomads’ diets.  Chirra is dried yak milk whey, also a part of the daily diet.

Tea Bag
Tsampa & Chirra Bags

TEA STORAGE BAGS:   (right, below left) Handmade from yak-hair and colorful cotton yarn, these simple bags are used to store tea leaves, matches, and other kitchen use items. They are hung for aesthetics and convenience from a wooden post near the fire.   They have been used by customers as satchels.

Tea Bag

LHAGANG LEATHER BAGS: (below left) Made of home-cured (with butter) thick yak-leather, these bags are used to  store barley in large quantities.  A household will usually keep 8-10 of these bags filled with barley at all times, as a safeguard against hard times, as a habit,and as a sign of household well-being.  The bags are stacked in the winter rock house and used as a wall to separate the space into rooms.  They are also used in pairs as saddlebags to transport barely from farming areas (where it is bought) to the nomad home areas.

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