What a few months it has been. We arrived back from the US at the end of January, and just a few days later, Wuhan was locked down. Our last guests left on January 28, and then, we were… silent, for a long time. The exits to the village were blocked, even the walking exits. Anyone who happened to be away when this occurred could not come back. I promptly decided it was time to plant salad veggies, as this village is quite self-sufficient and even if we were cut off indefinitely we would have plenty of yak meat, butter, and cheese. But we would not have vegetables unless I grew some.

At the time we were cut off, which was not announced, and we did not know until after the fact, a cousin monk named Garlo was visiting, and he wanted help with his English study. He meant to stay a few weeks, through New Year, but ended up living with us for 2 months.

We could go up but not down, so we took weekend trips to the high plateau, where we kept 100 meters distance from the few yak-herding souls we saw.

And then, at the end of March, finally, the roadblock disappeared. But we were not allowed to re-open the business. Just before May holiday, on April 28, we got word that we could re-open, along with all the other small hotels in Tagong. So suddenly, we re-opened, for a big full-every-night holiday with Chinese guests only. And now, on May 26, the first foreigner allowed by road has been allowed to come. So, come one, come all, we are re-opened for all guests, by road and air!

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