Early Morning Yak Call

This morning, I slept in a bit and had a missed call from 7 AM from Woobzang in Sertar.  Later, I mentioned it to Tenzin Nyima and Rekho, who said that Woobzang had called Rekho’s phone before 7, asking them to please send Pengtso’s yak across the river.  Pengtso did not want to call me, or Tenzin Nyima directly, because it is embarrassing to ask so many favors.

As it was, the herd of yaks ran by, tails up, at full speed, at about 8 AM this morning, but before I knew anything of the early-morning phone calls.  I could not figure out what had made them run, and was quite confused.

In other news, when Tenzin Nyima and Rekho arrived this morning, they brought the Express Mail packages, and my new iPhone Camera Lens.  Enjoy.

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