Guided Hikes and Horse Treks

2018 Short Trek Catalog

Day Rides

Nomad Visit: Ride up into the high Lhagang grasslands, stopping for lunch with a nomadic family.  Return to the Ecolodge in the evening.   In spring, fall and winter, the nomads are close enough to allow time to visit a small nomad temple as well. (6 hours with lunch)

Gyergo Nunnery:  Ride across the low Lhagang grasslands to Gyergo Nunnery.  Lunch there with a local family; visit the mani wall and nun’s temple, and the newly built Monk’s College.  Start at lodge, return to Lhagang.

(6 hours with lunch). Choose nomad guide only or with English translation.

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Guided Day Hikes

Hike from the Ecolodge across the high hills, following the crest of the ridge, to Lhagang proper.  See the temple here, and then take a car back to the lodge.

Hike from the Ecolodge to Balang Temple, a small Nyigma Nomad Temple.  Then hike over the hill to a high point above Nyelum Temple, and down to the temple, then back to the Ecolodge.

It is ok to do these hikes without or without a guide; it is up to you!  All hikes include a packed lunch.

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2-Day Rides

Hikes and Nomad Homestay

2 days

Nomad-guided: Walk up to the nomad camps with a guide to take you places you otherwise may not be able to find!  Enjoy the afternoon herding yaks and seeing the area, and try milking yaks in the morning.  Walk back the next day on your own.  (3-6 hours walk depending on season.)



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