Tibetan Jewelry Workshop/藏族首饰文化工作坊

Jewelry in Tibet is not only a feast for the eyes, it also plays a crucial role in religious and social life. Tibetan jeweler Zanta will bring to life the stories behind different ornaments, and explain how to distinguish fakes. Each participant will learn to make a simple knotted bracelet to bring home. Zanta’s unique jewelry designs have been recognized internationally as both innovative art and a continuation of fast disappearing folk culture. She’s had a solo art gallery exhibition in Boston, and is a recipient of a Smithsonian Folklife Center scholarship. Zanta’s life story is also an inspiration. Widowed young, she arrived in Beijing from her remote mountain village to eke out a living as a street peddler. Her dream was to send her young boy to school. Her son recently won a scholarship to study in the U.S. 2 hours. Y220 per person, 2-8 people. Y340 yuan per person with English translation. 15 day advance booking required./. 在藏区,首饰不仅是一种视觉享受,也在宗教和社会生活中扮演着重要的角色。赞塔老师将会用生动有趣的方式来讲解这些不同饰品背后的故事,以及如何辨别真伪。每一个参与者将会学习如何制作一款编结式藏式项链,完成后可以带回家。赞塔老师来自四川阿坝州黑水县,不幸的是年轻丧偶,为了生活她带着年幼的儿子离开了大山里的小村庄,来到北京。靠着街头摆摊来维持生计,作为母亲的她,唯一的愿望就是送孩子去上学,她的孩子健康快乐成长。所以她不怕艰辛日复一日的摆摊收摊。但值得庆幸的是,她的东西很快引起游客和周边人的关注。从一个藏式首饰摊主到独立的藏族传统手工艺人设计师。赞塔老师独特的首饰设计已经获得国际上的一致认可,被认为是有创意的艺术品,也是对快速消失的民族文化的一种延续。她曾在波士顿的艺术馆举办过个人展览,也曾获得史密森尼民俗中心奖学金。这一切的成就其实就归功于她是一位伟大的母亲,如今她儿子如愿拿到了奖学金赴美留学了。2个小时,Y220一个人,2-8人, Y340 一个人英语. 需要提前15天预定。