Driving Tours Around the Lodge

We offer several tour options around the lodge, with or without English translator.  

  • Full-day tour to Bamei Stone Forest, birthplace of 11th Dalai Lama, and Gyergo Nunnery.  Y600/Y920 (English interpretation and teaching), groups up to 4.  (Very delicious) restaurant lunch in Bamei extra.
  • Full-day guided English-speaking teaching tour to Gyergo Nunnery and Lhagang Monastery. Recommended for people planning to travel across Tibetan areas, as we provide a basic understanding of Tibetan Buddhism, and images you will see in many temples.  Y780, groups up to 4, lunch included for lodge guests
  • Full day tour to Pukmu Cave (Female Pig Cave), which you must visit on your birth year, and good karma if you can get in the door. Y700/Y1020 (English), groups up to 4. 3 hour drive each way.