Guided Hikes and Rides

Chyoger Treks, our in-house trekking company, has offered treks in the Lhagang area since 2004.  Chyoger is the god of fated relationships (among other things), and this has always been our focus — to allow visitors to start and nourish real relationships with nomadic Tibetans.  Join us!

Make your way into the furthest reaches of the Tibetan grasslands,
sleeping by night in painted festival tents and riding horseback through majestic peaks and across endless grasslands by day.
Our destinations are chosen by our hosts, and this means that we take you to the
places that matter most to them.

Late night candlelit tent stories . . . Long horseback rides over high wide grasslands . . . The hospitality of simple countryside temples and farmhouses . . . Join us!

2019 Short Trek Catalog