Half and Full Day Rides/全或半天骑马

Ride out onto the Lhagang grasslands.  Options are either far into the wilds, to the Nyelum temple, or to Gyergo Nunnery.  Start is at the Ecolodge; full day rides rides are 6 hours and include lunch.  Half day rides are 3 hours. Reservation and payment is due by 7 PM the night before the ride.  Groups of 6 or more get a 10% discount from the 3 person price.  Departures for full day rides is at 10, for half day at 10 or at 1.  1 hour teaching/learning rides available.  在塔公上面的大草原去骑马。可以选到大自然,到小山上苗子,或到扎西寺。康巴牧民ECO民俗开始。全天骑是6小时,含野午饭。半天骑是3个小时。必须提前一天晚上7点钟前定。6人以上打9折。全天骑的要10点钟出发。半天的要10点或中午1点出发。也可以骑一小时,试试,学习。

1-Hour Learning/Teaching Ride Available September-June Only

Riders per groupPrice per person Nomad Guide
1Y 250
2 or more Y 160

half day ride (3 hours, 10 AM or 1 PM departures)Available September-June ONly

Riders per groupPrice per person Nomad guide
1Y 350
2 or moreY 300

Full day (6 hours) with lunch, 10 AM departure

Riders per groupPrice per person Nomad guidePrice per person with English translation
1Y 630Y 1450
2Y 480Y 890
3Y 450Y 700

Full day rides can be less than 6 hours if you prefer; please let us know what is best for you.

For reservations: