Workshops and Tours


*1.5-2 hours long, unless otherwise noted.  Cost a la carte is Y150/person, unless otherwise noted.  

*除非另有说明,否则研讨会时长为1.5-2小时。 点菜费用为Y150/人,除非另有说明。

COOKING and FOOD/烹饪和事物

  • Cheese making (Mozzarella and Ricotta, or Brie, or Cheddar) DIY奶酪,可选新鲜的或陈年奶酪
  • Cake Making 做蛋糕 
  • Cookie Making 做巧克力曲奇饼
  • How To Make Great Hot Pepper Sauce 怎么做特好吃的辣椒酱
  • American Homestyle Bread 美式家常面包
  • How to Make Tibetan Momos 怎么做藏是包子
  • Pickling 做西式泡菜
  • Jam Making and Canning 做果酱
  • Churning Butter 做酥油
  • Making Yogurt 做酸奶
  • Easy and Wonderful Curry 做特好吃的,简单的印度咖喱


  • Composting 堆肥
  • Yak Packing 准备牦牛驮东西 (Y300)
  • Horse Riding 骑马 (3 hours, Y300/person.  6 hours, Y480/person, 2 person minimum/3 小时,300元,至少2人)
  • Rope Spinning  绳索旋转
  • Yak Milking 挤牦牛奶
  • Gardening 园艺
  • Picking and Collecting in-season fruits and vegetables (All-day, 300 yuan, 2 person minimum).  采摘和收集当季水果和蔬菜(全天,300元,最少2人
  • Solar Installation 太阳能装置
  • Introduction to Green Building Design 绿色建筑设计介绍


  • Complex Braiding 复杂编织
  • Tibetan Style Painting (3 hours, Y300/person) 藏族风格绘画(3小时,Y300/人)
  • General Painting (3 hours, Y300/person) 一般绘画(3小时,Y300/人)
  • Basic Drawing (3 hours, Y300/person) 基本绘图(3小时,Y300/人)
  • Tibetan-Style Window Painting (3 hours, Y300/person) 藏式窗漆(3小时,Y300/
  • Cyanograph  光影摄影
  • Beginning Tibetan Flute 初级藏笛
  • Wood carving 木雕
  • Beading 编珠
  • Clay-working (tsa-tsas) 粘土手工
  • Tibetan Calligraphy (3 hours, Y300/person) 藏书法(3小时,Y300/人)

SPORTS and the BODY/运动与身体

  • Full-day Hiking (All-day, Y200/person) 全天徒步旅行(全天,200日元/人)
  • Tubing  轮胎漂流
  • Parkour Downhill Running下坡跑酷跑步
  • Running 跑步
  • Stretching and Body Work 拉伸和身体锻炼
  • Backpacking 远足野营 (Multi-day, prices vary/几天,不同价位)
  • Mountain Biking (All-day, Y400/person with transport, 2 person minimum.  Discount for larger groups.) 山地自行车(全天,Y400 /人,带交通工具,最少2人。大型团体的折扣。)
  • Road Biking公路自行车
  • Sauna (Y60/person)  桑拿(Y60/人)


  • Meditation and Nature Observation (30 minutes, free) 冥想和自然观察(30分钟,免费)
  • Birdwatching 观鸟
  • Animal watching and sign search 动物观察和痕迹搜索
  • Macro Photography and Identification of Flower and Insects 花卉和昆虫的微距摄影和识别
  • Edible Plants Walk 食用植物漫步鉴赏
  • Nomad Grandma Walk — mushrooms, useable plants, medicinal plants (2-3 hours),牧民奶奶散步鉴赏 – 蘑菇,可用植物,药用植物(2-3小时)
  • Treehouse visit, fix, and sit 树屋参观,修理和休息
  • Searching for crystals 水晶搜索
  • 4WD to natural areas, and hike 四驱车到自然区域,并徒步旅行 (All-day, 400 yuan per person, 2 person minimum/全天,400元,至少2人)
  • Stargazing 观星


  • Temple Tour (all day, Y600/person with transport, 2 person minimum, English language.) 寺庙之旅(全天,Y600 /人,带交通工具,最少2人,英语。)
  • Gyergo Nunnery Tour (4 hours, Y300/person with transport, 2 person minimum. Discount for large groups)杰戈尼姑庵之旅(4小时,Y300 /人,带交通工具,最少2人。大型团体折扣)
  • Area Tour including Gyergo Nunnery, Stone Forest Formations, and Rural Temple (all day, Y400/person with transport, 2 person minimum.  Discount for groups. 地区旅游,包括杰戈尼姑庵,石林和乡村寺庙(全天,Y400 /人与交通工具,最少2人。团体折扣。)