Zachika Place & People Photos

Pass on the way to Zachika
above: the top of a pass on the way to Zachika

Near ZachikaIn the Zachika grasslands
left: mountains near Zachika, right: Driga, our contact, and Djerga in the big Zachika grassland

Zachika regionYaks
left: near Zachika, right: yaks

Sheep & long-haired goat
above: sheep and a long-haired goat

In the villageZachika kids
above: Zachika people love to wear brocade & leather, especially hats! right: Zachika kids

Near Zachika
above: mountains near Zachika

ArtisanAlong the road to Zachika
left: a fox hair turn-up hat on leather pannier maker, right: along the road to Zachika

above: near Zachika