Nomad Raised and Homegrown Foods

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Menus

Our focus is on producing and eating good food.  We love to eat local, living food.  We endeavor to use food raised in these very high grasslands when we can — either nomad raised meat and dairy, or vegetables and potatoes raised in our garden.  We make our own yak milk cheese (and also serve cheese made in the black tents), and we make our own yogurt.  We buy our meat from nomads who yaks have died accidentally: through wolf kill, falls, or lightning strikes.

We plan to build a cheese cave, to age European-style cheese (made with yak milk), and also to constantly improve our garden.  We also eat wild greens and fruits from May through September.

Come join us for a stay or just a meal!  It is our joy to cook and eat with guests!

Local Food