Things to do around the lodge

The Ecolodge is located in the middle of the high grasslands, next to a forested hillside.  As such, you have the opportunity for:

  • Hiking in the hills around the lodge; views of Zhakra and Gongka Peaks
  • Wildlife and bird watching, all seasons (deer, wolves, foxes, raven’s nest, Himalayan griffons, lammergiers, black-necked cranes, Kessler’s thrush and many other song birds)
  • Bike Riding: we have bikes for the use of guests.  Road bikes can take you to two nearby nomad temples, or to the big monastery at Lhagang.  Mountain bikes can take you past the lithium mine to stunning high hill tops, deep valleys, huge lakes, and meditation huts.
  • Guided full-day or multi-day horse rides and hikes.  Food and equipment is provided.  English translation available. See more.
  • Guided half or full day driving tours. Options and prices.
  • Nomad hut or tent stays with yak milking and herding
  • Ice-sliding
  • And, after all this, Wood-burning Finnish Sauna (in-house)