Evening Wildlife Viewing/晚间观赏野僧动物

One of the best parts of Tibetan nomad culture is its attention for animals and plants. We want to share this with you! With possible viewing of raven’s nest, deer, steppe cats, badgers, marmots, wolves, wild boars, and foxes. We will do our best, but no guarantees! Nomad guide. 2 hours, including 1 hour walking. 120 yuan per person, 2-4 people/有可能会看到渡鸦窝(属于最大的乌鸦之一),鹿,高原野猫,獾,土拨鼠,狼,野猪,和狐狸,不能保证一定会看到,只能尽量!总的两个小时,有一个小时爬山行程。120元一人,2-4人