Room Options

We have 4 guest rooms with attached bath.  They are painted with animals of the Water, Land, Air, and Fire — Fire being mystical animals, those we do not see.

Water, Air, and Fire Rooms face east, toward Sacred Mt. Zhakra.  Land is our biggest room, and faces west toward the high plateau and the setting sun.

Water, Fire, and Land are heated with wood and dung stoves below.  Air is an internal room, and is also our quietest.  Because of its position, it doesn’t get terribly cold despite the lack of a stove-pipe.

Water, Land, and Fire are flexible, and can either be 2 single beds or one king-sized bed.  Air, the room of birds, has a queen-sized bed.


Our sheets are hand-tailored pure cotton; towels are also pure cotton.  Rooms come complete with ample toiletries.  Beds are covered with down toppers, and down quilts; plus a soft fuzzy blanket popular with nomads in Tibet.


Toilets are western-style, and each bathroom boasts a granite-bottomed shower, also custom cut for the lodge.  We have an outdoor bathroom in the biogas house (just over the biogas tank!) with a Chinese toilet for those who find that more comfortable.

We also have a dorm room attached to the sauna, and sleeping deck for lovely starlit nights summer and fall.

sleeping deck