yak packing

Nomad Life Workshop: Mostly as part of a larger trek or for passing-through visitors, this 1-3 day workshop focuses on such basic skills as yak herding, milking, butter and yogurt making, dung collection, fire making, rope-spinning, and braiding.  Y150 per person per day, including lunch.  Overnight stays and transport to camps are additional.

Pengtso and Baby

Nomad Arts Workshop: This workshop focuses more deeply on nomadic arts including felt-making, yak hair carding and spinning, leather tanning, saddle pad making with embroidering, rope making, and wooden loop making.  Y220 per person per day, 2 person minimum. Includes lunch.  2 day minimum recommended.

Traditional House Interior and Exterior Painting Workshop: Tibetan houses, like the Ecolodge, are painted inside with a certain style of colorful painting, usually with animals, gods, symbols, or plants.  We offer a 3-day painting workshop with local teachers.  Y250 yuan per person per day, 2 person, 2 day minimum. Includes lunch.

Yak Husbandry Workshop: This is a 5-day workshop for people already raising yaks and dealing with yaks, or planning to get involved with yaks. Participants stay in nomadic camps with herders, and study yak herding; shearing; milking; calf taming; pack training, yogurt, cheese and butter making; castration; dung collection and drying; and rope making.  Y2600 for 5 days, including 3 meals today and tent lodging.  2 person minimum.  Transport to camps not included and depends on the time of year, or if this workshop is part of a larger trek.

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