Nomad Tent Stays

Ever dreamed of staying with nomads in a tent on the high Tibetan plateau?  Taking part in the yearly yak migrations?  Learning to make a fire with yak dung? Watching the sunset over the high camps?

As part of Chyoger Treks overall mission of creating conditions for nomads and visitors to develop real and authentic relationships, we facilitate home stays with nomadic yak herders, either in tents in summer or fall, and in their small stone huts in winter and spring.  All hut and tent stays are extremely basic; you stay in a single room (or tent) with the family, dine with them, and help with chores — yak herding, yak milking, and yak dung collecting.  There are no bathrooms, certainly no showers, and no privacy.  Areas differ depending on the time of year.

Price is Y90 per night with dinner, bed, and breakfast.  Y30 extra for lunch.  Please contact for availability and logistical details.  We also offer workshops in nomadic skills.

Trekkers per groupPrice per person nomad guidePrice per person with English translation
1Y 630Y 630
2Y 630Y 630
3Y 630Y 630

For availability, logistical details & reservation: