2018 Short Trek Catalog

Kham is known across Tibet as the Realm of the Horse (Amdo is the Realm of People; and Wei-Tsang the Realm of Religion).  We have specialized in riding tours with nomadic herders, the true horse people, ranging from 1/2 day to 8 days, since 2004.

For all short (1/2 -6 day) treks and price options in a single document, please see our Short Trek Catalog 2018.  For longer rides and full luxury camping options, please see Long Rides 2018.  For more details and photos of each trek, please see individual trek pages listed to the right.

We also offer Ecolodge Ride and Stay Packages, of any length. These packages allow one to stay at the lodge and enjoy hot showers and saunas every evening, plus our award-winning cooking, while enjoying guided rides daily.