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Tsampa grinder
above: tsampa grinder


Felt hat topsSilver-worked bowl
left: felt hat tops popular throughout Kham, right: special wood & silver bowl


Handmade belt
above: handsewn belt


Kid's goatskin root collection bagFlint & fungus fire starter
left: kid's goatskin root collection bag & puppet, right: flint & fungus fire starter with belt loop


Dancing ClothesBag with new design
left: dancing clothes, right: handbag with new design


Goat hide bellows
above: goathide bellows


Goatskin & brocade hatDetail of belt
left: lambskin & brocade turn-up hat, right: detail of machine-made belt


Leather barley bags & tea bags

above: leather barley bags (top) & tea bags (bottom)