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lhagang place & people photos

Genup clan grasslands
above: Genup clan grasslands

Mira Droma of Genup clanRanlo spinning
left: Mira Droma of Genup admiring weaving, right: Ranlo, 24, spinning

Genup clanShechem of Genup
left: Genup clan, right: Shechem of Genup

Genup clan family
above: Genup clan family

Milking in GenupGenup clan spring pasture
left: milking in Genup, right: Genup clan spring pasture

Gepshima clan girlSoko weaving
left: Gepshima clan girl, right: Soko weaving

Genup clan winter pasture valley
above: Genup clan winter pasture

high-class winter houseGenup clan kids
left: a high-class winter house, right: Genup clan kids

Genup winter housingBaby yaks in tent at night
left: Genup winter housing, right: baby yaks stay in the tent at night

New Year's festivities with Genup clan
above: New Year's festivites with Genup clan family