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jiga place & people photos


Tserang Droma and brothers
above: Tserang Droma and her nephews


Hills near JigaGala Village
left: mountains near Jiga, right: in Gala Village


Road to JigaGoats
left: the road to Jiga (including rock pile in foreground), right: goats grazing on hillside


Inside Gala House
above: interior of Gala village house


above: Tashi Lhamo and another village woman, both traditional weavers


above: chickens being raised in Gala village house


Tserang DromaWoman cooking
left: Tserang Droma at home, right: Tashi Lhamo cooking


Yak Skull
above: yak skull


 Raising pigsGala Village Mayor
left: Tsering Lhamo raising pigs, right: Gala village mayor


Gala Village Temple
above: Gala village temple ruins, destroyed in the Cultural Revolution