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staff bio: angela lankford

Angela Lankford Angela is an American who grew up in a Colorado ranching community on the east side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  She spent her childhood and teens climbing, backpacking, doing forestry work for her father, and getting used to cowboy culture.  Then by strange circumstance she ended up getting a degree in Economics with an Environmental focus from Williams College, and joined the Peace Corps.  
The Peace Corps sent her to China, where she lived alone in a small Chinese town for three years.  She learned Chinese and got to know the countryside and its people.
During her first vacation in China, Angela met her Tibetan family and started spending time on the high grasslands with them.  One of few Westerners to have close contact and serious time with the nomad people, she has been very fortunate to meet such amenable people, and to hit the right time in Chinese history to get to know them well. 
She has been visiting the grasslands and studying them since December 2001.

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