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In-stock items are quick to order. They are in-stock in either the US or in Tibet. Shipping from China takes about 3 weeks. Shipping from the US takes about 10 days. 

Shipping is charged based on locations within the US and Canada. 

Any other item on the website is also available by special order and with a longer wait.  Pricing on other items depends on size of order and timing requirements. However, please note that all items on the website are unique, and with special orders the items will often vary somewhat from the website photograph. 

Please e-mail or call 719-387-8110 to discuss orders!

Butter Churn

    Blankets, Rugs, Baby Carrier Covers & Door Curtains
    Traditional Food Bags, Satchels & Purses, Money Belts
    Bowl Covers, Tsampa Containers, Sewing Kits & More


Recently sold!

Danba Wool BlanketDanba Wool Blanket

all handspun and handwoven
wool, brown and white,
twenty-five years old,
from Gyarong region


Shamalong Colored BlanketShamalong Colored Blanket

black yak back hair mixed with wool and cotton string.  Colorful stripes popular in modern Tibet. From Lhagang area.