Khampa Treks & Khampa Arts


Khampa Nomad Arts Center and Ecolodge:

Khampa Nomad Arts Center and Ecolodge is our new and only location for guests and arts. The new Ecolodge and Nomad Arts Center is currently in progress. We do welcome guests and volunteers already. Our rooms are simple, but insulated and warm, and well on their way to being Tagong's only in-room bathrooms in a traditional Tibetan stone-and-wood house, giving guests both local character and modern comfort. Our sauna house is finished, and the 8-person dorm next to the sauna has inexpensive beds available. We are also happy to have tent campers outside, and can rent camping equipment as needed, and continue to offer both short and long walking and horse treks, with 13 years of experience in these mountains, and concentrating on allowing nomads to share with you their favorite locations, places that mean something to them.

Please see our short trek catalog, and call (+86) 13684493301 or email to book. We need booking confirmation and payment in full the night before the start of most treks, and 2 nights before for some, so please call in advance to be sure your trek will be possible as planned!

View from EcolodgeOur move from central Tagong town into the grasslands allows us to host guests in rural nomad pastureland. The self-guided hiking options are numerous, spectacular and varied, and guided treks from the lodge allow for much further-out, pristine landscapes than do Tagong-start treks.

At the same time, the move allows us to be closer to nomad communities, to be part of their life of yaks and moving, and to more successfully support that life, through offering for sale all of their products: milk, cheese, cloth, leather, felt, horse rides and homestays, and by helping to develop these things in ways that better fit realities of nomad life. There is nothing like living somewhere to understand it!

Additionally, the Ecolodge models green and self-sufficient technologies like solar and wind power, biogas, passive solar design, and traditional spring capping. We want people to see that they can be comfortable without being wasteful and destructive. It is also possible to hold strong to Tibetan tradtional styles while welcoming modern comforts. The Ecolodge demonstrates to Tibetan nomads and to non-Tibetan visitors alike that there is a real alternative to the commonly envisioned, homogenized version of modern life.

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