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Khampa Nomad Ecolodge and Arts Center will open spring of 2016.  At the moment, we are in the process of building and welcome volunteers, as well as those who'd like to camp outside of our lodge.

View from Ecolodge After 5 years running the Khampa Cafe in Tagong town, we've decided to move to the nomad pasturelands, to be more integrated with the communities we serve, and in order to follow our dream of building a model green house: a lodge that demonstrates sustainable and self-sustaining, affordable technologies while honoring Tibetan culture.  The Eco-lodge models such technologies as total solar power: sewage composting and biogas production: passive solar design including insulation, heat sinks, and sunroom; and clean greywater disposal. We make use of local, natural materials, and local skill sets whenever possible.

Our goal is to make a space where nomads feel comfortable and at home.  At the same time, we want guests to feel at home.

The site of the ecolodge is 11 kms from Lhagang town, and surrounded by yaks and nomad culture, as well as forest, birds, and deer.  

Front of lodgeBuidling








When the lodge opens, we will offer hikes, horseback rides, and artisan workshops from this location.  We will also showcase various nomad arts on a revolving basis.

If you are interested in coming to help now, or visiting in general, please call 13684493301 from within China, or email:


To see updates on our progress, see our Facebook page at Khampa Nomad Ecolodge.