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Tibetan Grasslands treks

We offer horse rides and walking treks with local nomadic guides through the Lhagang area of Kham.  Most of our tours are offered on a custom basis, depending on your specific schedule and interests.   We also offer a few set itineraries every year as well as short treks (1-7 days) on an ongoing basis. Please see treks below for options and examples!

HorseShort Grassland and Zhakra Treks - 1-5 days: Visit and stay with nomads, ride for a day, trek to sacred Mt. Zhakra or Minya Gongka, or visit high grassland lakes. See small nomad temples and Gyergo Nunnery. These treks are run from Lhagang or from Khampa Nomad Arts Center and Ecolodge and are available most days for small groups or single travelers.

Sacred Mountain Trek - 8 days: Ride horseback to an active traditional nunnery, then on to the base of Mt. Zhakra, where we soak in mineral hot springs, visit a sacred lake, hear old legends, and participate in ceremonies to honor the local gods.  Then immerse yourself in 3-day nomad tentstay, where you practice season-specific activities of nomad life including herding, milking, and butter-making or haying, stonework, and artisan skills.

Isolated Temple Trek - 8 days: Meet in Chengdu, and travel to the high grasslands. Ride horseback into little-visited nomad areas. Camp in nomad encampments on the way to temples and festivals. Stay for two days at each temple complex, and attend daily chanting and drumming ceremonies.

YakYak Husbandry Trek - 14 days: Designed to give yak herders from around the world lessons from the experts, this workshop trek gets you out into the grasslands, with the nomads. We spend dayswith the nomads, learning everything from herding to milking to cheesemaking to ropemaking to castration. This trek also includes short treks across the grasslands and into the glaciered mountains, with pack yaks in tow!

Remote Regions of Kham and Amdo - 24 day driving tour

Kham Festival Tour - driving tour attending festivals

Artisans Workshops – Workshops to study Tibetan arts and traditional skills, customized for your interests

Minya Gonka Trek - 6 days: Trek around Mt. Gongka, the highest mountain in China outside the Himalayas, at 7,556 meters, 24,790 feet.  Visit nomad tents.

AND Custom Treks and Tours as fit your schedule and interests