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Preparation & Awareness:

Our treks involve risky activities in areas out of the reach of helicopter evacuation.  These activities include horseback riding, hiking, mountain climbing (but not the type with ropes), and living in primitive conditions.  We cannot be held liable for accidents and problems relating to these activities, though we will do what we can to get help for you.


Khampa Nomad Arts and Chyoger Treks requires that you have comprehensive medical insurance which includes evacuation insurance.  Your medical insurance policy should cover for air evacuation from China and for adventure activities including horseback riding, hiking, and mountain climbing.  The fee otherwise for evacuations can amount to US $200, 000.00 per rescue.  You can purchase separate air evacuation insurance from travel medical insurance companies such as Liason International.   Be advised that helicopter evacuation is not available while trekking in these areas.  We will help you to return to Chengdu where air transportation is available. 

First aid kit:  

We provide a first aid kit on our group treks. We suggest you bring the following supplementary items with you:

  • Anti-diarrhea tablets
  • Blister pads
  • Sterile plain and crepe bandages
  • Tube of antiseptic cream
  • Decongestants/antihistamines
  • Throat lozenges
  • Paracetamol or aspirin
  • Personal medicines as prescribed by your physician

Herding Yaks