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Where We Work:

Our treks are in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, which now makes up Western Sichuan Province.  It is the old Tibetan region of Kham, Eastern Tibet.  The horseback and hiking take place in the mountains and grasslands between Lhagang and Barmei towns, both in Kangding County.
Minya Konka (Gonga Shan), at 24,902 ft., is located near Kangding and Mt. Zhakra, at over 19,000 ft, sits just outside Lhagang.  The starting and ending point for all treks is the Chinese city of Chengdu.

Map Key:   Lhagang  Chinese name: Tagong
                     Kangding  Tibetan name: Dartsedo; Chengdu

Map Key:   Litang, Tagong, Luhuo, Danba, Chengdu

The Sichuan Walking Trek are based in Rongchang County, Chongqing Municipality, which was until 1997 part of Sichuan province; and at Mt. Emei, one of China's most famous Buddhist mountains, in Sichuan province.  

Map Key:    Rongchang
                     Mt. Emei Chinese name: Emei Shan