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Hard & Glorious:

Tossing Wind Prayers at the SummitThese treks are hard, both physically and mentally.  We are focused on giving you pure, authentic Tibetan and Chinese experiences, in order to give you an opportunity to learn something really new about how people live and think, who they are, and who you yourself are.  We do not protect you from the realities of life in these places, and try to let you get a sense of how these people actually experience life.

Some things you'll encounter, and hopefully can accept or even enjoy:

  • Squat toilets, sometimes terribly dirty and with pigs nearby
  • Having to carry your own toilet paper, and in Tibet, using leaves, rocks or water
  • Weeks of noodles, rice, stir fry, and tsampa
  • Hard beds with minimal padding
  • Bus travel and crowded taxis on bad roads
  • Some very long walking and riding days
  • Some very slow empty days
  • Many many days outdoors and sleeping and sitting on the ground (less sleeping on the ground on the Festival Tour than on treks)
  • Rain, cold, heat
  • Bucket showers and often no showers
  • A certain degree of surprise

In exchange for all this difficulty, you will:Nomad Woman in Doorway

  • Meet people who might ask if you are the tallest person in the world
  • Find out about people who really are not Western-influenced
  • See remote, isolated places, possibly make friends there
  • Learn about living simply and sustainably 
  • Stretch your ability to understand others and to persevere  
  • Really feel the places you visit
  • See beautiful natural places – Rainforest mountains, endless grasslands, tea terraces, Tibetan snow peaks