Chyoger TreksKhampa Nomad Arts has two lines of work -- we are an arts cooperative, working to develop a folk art and handicraft industry in Kham, Eastern Tibet; and we are a travel company. We offer stays in the rural nomad areas in our ecolodge, treks, and workshops that give a first-hand experiential look into rural Tibetan culture, including artisanal, nomad life, and yak husbandry workshops. Groups are small and the focus is on getting to know the people. Our folk art includes all kinds of yak hair and leather items, all with a traditional base. We also have Tibetan sheep wool items, wooden items, and Tibetan fashion.


2017 Spring and Summer Short Trek Catalog for Lhagang Grassland, Mount Zhakra, and Gongka Mountain Treks now available!

Khampa Nomad Arts Center and Ecolodge is still imperfect but we are open!  We have 4 guestrooms already with ensuite toilet and sink.  All rooms are heated with a mixture of wood, dung, and sawdust and boast beautiful views of Mt Zhakra and surrounding grasslands.  Hot solar-power heated water showers and sauna are coming this spring! At the moment, you are welcome to stay, help out (volunteer), enjoy this space and the surrounding area.  We are a great starting point for day hikes, bike rides (bikes are available to guests), nomad visits, and horse rides. Email

Our store is now on-line at

Khampa Nomad Arts

Supporting the Vitality of Tibetan Nomad Culture